The Materials

Part I. A Guide to Curate a Sustainable Closet

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

– Vivienne Westwood

The Materials

Part II. Index of Common Fabrics



Wool is a natural protein fibre usually sourced from sheep or other animals. It can be commonly found in knitwear, coats and other winter clothes. There are different types of wool, including lambswool, merino wool, cashmere wool, mohair wool and alpaca wool, of which the quality varies depending on the breed and its fineness.


Biodegradable, very warm, durable, breathable, water repellent, absorbent, wrinkle-resistant, odor-resistant


More expensive, shrinks, might irritate skin, might pill, requires special care

Environmental concerns

Wool is considered one of most sustainable fibres, though there is a concern about animal welfare during the making process, that whether or not the animals are being humanely cared for. However, this issue can be avoided by choosing organic wool.

More sustainable alternatives

Recycled wool, organic wool