The Materials

Part I. A Guide to Curate a Sustainable Closet

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

– Vivienne Westwood

The Materials

Part II. Index of Common Fabrics



Viscose is an artificial fibre made from regenerated cellulose, which is usually derived from trees unless otherwise stated. It is the most common type of rayon and was originally developed as a less expensive substitute for silk. Viscose is also often used as an alternative of cotton or polyester. It can be commonly found in summer clothes.


Biodegradable, inexpensive, soft, drapes well, durable, breathable, absorbent, lightweight


Wrinkles, might shrink

Environmental concerns

Although semi-synthetic fibres are made of renewable natural resources and are biodegradable, most of them are not considered very environmentally friendly due to their heavily polluting manufacturing process. Other concerns include causing deforestation, when woods are not sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers and are not sustainably harvested. However, still, they are considered more sustainable than conventional synthetic fibres.

More sustainable alternatives

Organic natural fibres, Tencel, EcoVero