The Materials

Part I. A Guide to Curate a Sustainable Closet

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

– Vivienne Westwood

The Materials

Part II. Index of Common Fabrics



Buy less

Before purchasing an item, take a step back and ask yourself these questions – Do I really need it? Am I going to wear it often? Or am I just going to wear it once for a single Instagram post to get likes? We won't use a single-use plastic bag, so why would we buy a single-use plastic piece of clothing? We should develop our own fashion styles and learn what suits us the most. Pictures of glamorous clothes worn by influencers on Instagram are mainly for promotion purpose. Don’t let your fear of missing out dominate and become a slave of fast fashion. New clothes may be good but second-hand items are better, from an environmental perspective/if you love the environment enough.

Choose well

Learn about the common fabrics. Avoid buying clothes made of synthetic fibres. Choose well-made clothes with timeless design that do not get worn-out or go out of trend quickly. Value craftsmanship. Learn what’s behind the price tag and who made the clothes.

Make it last

Take good care of your clothes. Read the care labels. Fibres require different kinds of maintenance to enjoy a longer lifespan. When you decide certain pieces are no longer needed, donate or recycle them instead of throwing them into a bin.