The Materials

Part I. A Guide to Curate a Sustainable Closet

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

– Vivienne Westwood

The Materials

Part II. Index of Common Fabrics


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The Materials is a non-profit project created by Sasha Ng to promote the concept of “slow fashion”, an emerging approach towards sustainable fashion in order to reduce our carbon footprints.

It all started with the bed bugs in my home. To get rid of them, I had to throw away most of my clothes in the closet. That was also when I realised I had too many clothes, some of which I had never worn at all. Regretting the waste I had made unconsciously over the years and the money I squandered away, I came to notice how harmful excessive consumerism is to our environment, society and own well-being.

Not long after, I came across with an impressive ideology called ‘conscious shopping’, which advocates thinking twice before buying in the contexts of environmental and social impacts. Even so, I found it hard to put it into practice because there isn’t much related information available online. We lack education materials to teach people ways of identifying high-quality clothes.

Hence, The Materials is created to serve as an independent online guide to a sustainable wardrobe, or generally a smarter consumer, who is able to make better and conscious purchase decisions.


The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Should you find any inaccurate information or have any other general enquiries, please contact contact@the-materials.info.


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